Youth Group

They are really awesome and fun and silly and crazy and everything you would love to have as Christian friends. Our youth love God deeply and love others delightfully. 

POD's (Purposeful Open-Hearted Discipleship)

We value spiritual growth and spiritual formation, and feel this happens best in close, intimate community. POD's are gender-specific small groups, led by mentors who seek to create safe spaces for our youth to be vulnerable and better understand themselves and others. As Dallas Willard once said, 

Understanding is the basis of care. What you would take care of you must first understand, whether it be a petunia or a nation. 

Discipleship Group

This is our large-group format geared specifically for training and teaching our youth how to use their Christian faith to be lights in a world with darkness. This is a place to come with doubts and questions, and where our students' faith are challenged and made stronger, with the intention of creating a faith that they own themselves and hold to beyond high school.

We meet Friday's at 7:30-9:00 pm in the upper room. 

Fellowship Events

Who doesn't like to have fun? We enjoy monthly outings, which include bonfires at the beach, bowling, ice skating, escape rooms, game nights, and much more. We hope everyone in our community feels welcome and invited to join us and have a little fun. 

Service Opportunities

Jesus came not to be served but to serve. As followers of Jesus, we believe it is important to give not only our money, but our time and energies to help those around us in need. Some of the compassion ministries we serve in include Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child and Gleanings for the Hungry dried fruit packing.