Small Groups (aka Circles)

Small groups aka Circles is where church takes place. It is where we find community, accountability and fellowship to walk the road of life. If you are interested in joining any of the small groups just click on the one below that interests you to contact the leader of that small group for more information. 

Currently we have several options:

Regional Summer Small Groups - We run three 6 week session throughout the year: 

Fall - End of Sept to Mid Nov

Winter - Beginning of Feb to End of March

Spring - Beginning of May to Mid June

We have four different regional areas

North Orange County - Friday

South Orange County - Wednesday

South Orange County - Friday

South Bay - Saturday

Men's dinner and prayer - Wednesday Evenings

Various Locations

Yoga For Jesus - 1st and 3rd Sundays 9:30 am

In the Children's Area

Praise, Prayer & Proclamation - 1st Friday of the Month, 7:30-8:45 pm

In the Main Sanctuary