Mission Statement

Love God and Love Others

(Luke 10:25-37)

Vision Statement

Jericho Road Church is a growing family where worship permeates our lives and we exercise our faith in embracing each other's brokenness, as we unswervingly obey the teaching of God's Word and the example of Christ's love. 

Vision Distinctives

  1. Identity: Our identity is based on a deep personal experience with God. We are profoundly shaped through worship and the hearing of God's Word.
  2. Family: Healthy families are built, strengthened, and supported by appropriate life stage ministries; particularly a vibrant children's program and powerful youth and college+ ministries.
  3. Community: We experience community best when we joyfully use our individual gifts and talents to serve one another, find fellowship together, and embrace mentorship.
  4. Diversity: Everyone is welcome and made to feel welcome. A multi-ethnic and intergenerational church body reflects the rich multi-faceted nature of the kingdom of God.